About us

About us

The foundry was founded by György Sallai as a private enterprise in 1994. At the start, the scope of activity spanned the manufacture and finishing of furniture industry castings with precision technology.

Thanks to ongoing personnel, technical and technological developments, currently there are currently 30 employees in the steel, cast iron, ductile iron, aluminum, copper and bronze castings compared to the initial 4 employees.

The main profile continued to be the precision casting, but carbon dioxide and water-glass-bonded sand molding as well as shell molding have been introduced.
Due to the developments, besides the precision castings with great precision and shape precision machining, we do not need to produce sand castings for direct use or further machining in large quantities today in small and large series, ranging from 0.004 kg to 44.0 kg, Weight range
On request, we finish our machining with our own cutting machines.

Our motto: It is not impossible. That is why we are committed to producing custom molded parts for broken, worn out wear and tear.

In addition to producing our own products, our company produces 535 molded parts for our 95 partners and is open to further opportunities for expansion.