Our foundry has been dealing with the manufacturing of casting-qualities which are in accordance with notions such as persistence, good impact test and long-lasting lifetime for a long time.

We produce, among others, hard-knifes for lawn-mowers whose part, which is liable to abrasion, is 68-70 HRC hard. It provides at least quadruple lifetime in practice that significantly extends the value for money.

We are pleased to introduce you our product that we can supply as it is seen on the pictures below (knife, stirrup, spacer, edge-bolt). If it is required, the making of other types can be undertaken as well.


In order to for us to prepare our quotations we request the following information:

  • Drawing of the casting that includes all the necessary information and details,
  • In case if the customer is in possession of a wax pattern extruder or a casting mould, we provide the quotation after the test production of the casting
  • We kindly ask you to send the documents in one of the following formats: pdf, jpeg, doc, docx, step (in case of a 3D model)7
  • We response to each and every request.